Solar photovoltaic is green and environment friendly energy source. Recent years increase in electricity prices leads toward photovoltaic energy. EKOENERSOL designed solar energy kits. This is tailored solution for on-grid, off-grid and hybrid consumption for homes, business and industries. Solar energy generated by the sun is free and abundant. These kits capture this energy for you. Produce your own solar energy and get savings on your electricity consumption up to 100%.

Kit advantages

  • Saving in electricity consumption up to 100%
  • Environment friendly noise free own energy production reduce CO2
  • EU highest quality components perfectly tailored to each other
  • Easy to install and upgradable plug & play system
  • Utilise biggest free source of energy the sun
  • Very low maintenance
  • Ideal for electric load shedding areas

Why Solar LED Street Light

Solar powered and off grid LED light systems from EKOENERSOL GROUP are the reliable, renewable and remarkable way to light an outdoor space. Whether to enhance security, improve savings and increase visibility, solar powered and off-grid LED lighting is an economical and environmental friendly choice for your parking arears, roadways, motorways, path, academic campus, retail or corporate complex, bike trail, billboard, sign, pavilion, bus stop or fence line. Solar LED lights are visible statement of your commitment to the clean environment. With advanced solar LED lighting, optics and intelligent controls, solar off-grid lights have ever been brighter or more versatile smart cities.

  • Overall System Cost: Municipalities doing improve the energy savings and decrease the energy bill.
  • Long Life: Life span of 80,000 hours and more, LED contribute to reduced maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Lower Power Consumption: LED use less power than conventional street lights to produce more light.
  • Improved Power Usage: LED have a maximum power efficiency of 90 versus 68 for high pressure sodium bulb.
  • Smart Operational Control: LED street light systems with “smart control” can be the most effective.
  • Quality of Life: LED’s near white light makes it feel like daytime which can significantly improve activity as day.
  • Operational Standards: LED street lighting supported lighting standards cover aspects of glare, visibility, uniformity, colour accuracy, light pollution and light consistency.
  • Carbon Footprint: LED lights contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.
  • A Bright Future: once one community successfully implements an solar LED street lighting system, it leads the way for others to follow.

You get it all

  • reliable water supply
  • cost-efficient pumping
  • complete plug-and-pump system
  • Wide voltage range AC and DC voltage handling easy installation
  • virtually no maintenance

· numerous expansion possibilities