Kit compatible with diesel hybrid generator (Off grid)


An isolated system is a power generation system with no connection to the electricity network that provides the place energy from sunlight. Requires the storage of solar energy generated in batteries and allows use when no solar manufacturing productivity.


The solar installation kit alone is the best solution in cases where you want delivered electricity in areas where the electricity grid does not reach. In these cases the consumer must pay a price for the electricity company carries electricity to the point you need. Solar kits isolated with this consumer can access electricity from a cheaper way short and long term, while cleaner. The solar installation kit alone is also an option for cottages, chalets, houses, ships, etc., and features 25 years warranty.

Completely independent of external power supplies.
You can combine different energy sources, such as photovoltaic, wind power and hydropower.
You can expand or change the system modularly anytime.
SITECNO support from planning to commissioning the system.

The kit contains:

> Photovoltaic panels
> PV Inverters
> Wireframe
> Pair MC4 Solar Connector.
> 15m de cable CC
> 5m de cable CA
> Monitoring system
> Installation Guide
> Toolkit
> Batteries

Kits advantages

>Photovoltaic kit and all its components involve a unique order reference, generating savings in procurement logistics.
>Minimum maintenance of the solar system, reliability and ease of installation.
Possibility of remote site monitoring and storage of historical data (on request).
>Possibility of dimensioning references Kits
phase configuration for (on request)

System Operation

1. The site uses the solar energy produced during the hours of sun photovoltaic modules, plus the excess energy that the place will not consume stored in batteries.

2. The battery is the second choice after solar energy, and the first choice during the night. In the absence of solar energy, either by night or unstable climate. The place is fed by the energy stored in batteries.