PV Solar Panels

Kits solares de bombeo de agua They offer multiple possibilities both houses, and farms, orchards and irrigation. These kits include water and pump, which will be launched directly without batteries per share of solar panels, during daylight hours when the amperage is sufficient to produce the pump operation.

In housing they can be used to transport water from depots to the main house deposit. On farms and orchards, It can be used to carry water from a well to heat or Cuba where needed, or directly and automatically to allow the animals to drink . It can also be used to water by filling a tank that allows the irrigation as needed, or direct irrigation, where by the water pump from a well will, deposit or place.

Kit models

Model SIS-2HP to SIS-50HP Model SIG-2HP to SIG-50HP

50HP models have higher request, For more information you can send flow and depth of water you want for your project