Photovoltaic solar panels are synonymous with quality SITECNO, durability and most importantly, are synonymous Performance. Our experience, research capacity, development and continuous improvement has made us one company renowned in the field of solar energy by the high value we offer our customers.

The polycrystalline solar panels SITECNO has a measure of both 4mm hollow aluminum frame and special solar glass (has one standard 3,2 mm.).

Solar panels SITECNO PLUS, meet the requirements in terms of stability and corrosion resistance, are also prepared for the changes in legislation.

They have a production capacity of Energy A 5% superior to other panels of the same characteristics.

This photovoltaic panel has a product warranty 12 years and a guarantee of performance 25 years.


# Monocrystalline ESP ENG
1 SI-36M95 a SI-36M105
2 SI-48M220 a SI-48M230
3 SI-48MN215 a SI-48MN230
4 SI-60M260 a SI-60M290
5 SI-60MN275 a SI-60MN285
6 SI-60MP280 a SI-60MP300
7 SI-72M305 a SI-72M325