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Tuesday August 6th, 2019 by admin


If you decide to invest in properties at Spain, our services will be of great importance to you. With the help of our company you will get broad guarantees, and you can be confident in what refers to the rules and regulations of Spanish law. With our legal support, we assist in all stages of real estate acquisition: until the transaction is completed in the notary. Our legal support is essential to carry out operations on real estate in Spain. These are large sums of money, so you must fully understand all the nuances and legal implications, to ensure both in relation to the situation of the seller and the real estate sector.

We offer the following services for the purchase of real estate in Spain:

 – Professional Advice regarding every matter;

 – Assistance in the selection of real estate according to your wishes;

– Verification of the object selected in the Registry, in relation to possible prohibitions, alienation, absence, encumbrance and other nuances that may prevent or hinder the sale;

 – Negotiations with the seller;

 – Assistance in obtaining an NIE for foreigners, passport translation;

 – Procedures for the transaction with translation and legalization services, if necessary;

 – Open a bank account;

 –  Verification of the main contract of sale in accordance with the laws of Spain and assistance in making the initial fee;

 – Support of the transaction in the notary provided by a lawyer with extensive experience, who will explain the rights and obligations arising from this contract;

 – Assistance in proper preparation and submission of a statement to the local tax authority, validation of all taxes paid;

 – Assistance in the registration of transactions in property records, obtaining a document confirming the right of ownership of the new owner.

We guarantee total security, absolute privacy and impure legal purity of the transaction; You have nothing to worry about, since our company will take care of everything you need. With us, you will make the purchase of real estate in totally transparent and clear conditions. 

Legal support from a notary and other representatives: You may have to obtain some documents in the notary, such as power of attorney, consent or authorization, and he can help us do this without any problem. There are certain cases in which there is an urgent need to give the power of representation to a third party, without having to travel to your country, but foreign permits are not so easy to issue power of attorney in Spain, especially without assistance of a certified interpreter. With us that will not be a problem; we offer our services in the issuance of the power of attorney, informing you about all the relevant details. Our staff can act as interpreters, and they know the procedures to legitimize power in a way that is valid in other countries.

We also provide legal support and legalization of documents. Here you can request a translation with apostille or simply a certified translation by a certified translator as an additional service. The support of our experienced lawyers will give you full confidence in any situation.

Spain Casa has the ability to work with you in any legal action within Spain. Cover your back, contact us.

Nuestro Rendimiento

Clientes Satisfechos


We offer the service and advice on the rental of your apartment for university students and individuals.

Your investment can be paid alone if you decide to rent your property. We can manage the rental of your property for as long as you wish. The property can be rented 11 months a year and so you can enjoy your property one month a year in summer and enjoy a good holiday in your apartment in Spain.

  • We manage the agreement that the Administrator or Owner can reach with the Landlord.
  • Preparation of the lease contract model.
  • Verification of the terms and sections reflected in the Lease Agreement.
  • Advice on the rental of a property for the student.
  • Mediate between Landlord and Property Administrator.
  • Channel the claim or doubts that the landlord may have.

Rent contract

Rental contract, season (Legislation applicable Urban Leasing Law of November 24, 1994). The duration of the contract will vary depending on the period of stay required by the tenant.