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Tuesday August 6th, 2019 by admin


Buying a property in Spain is a great investment, and a wonderful opportunity to spend the holidays and get to know the beautiful lifestyle of southern Europe. It is also a very serious step that must be prepared thoroughly. At this point, professional help is very important, in order to be able to express in depth the fact that today it is really advantageous to buy a property in Spain, due in large part to this series of factors: the comfortable climate, a popular tourist area , and the tourist flow highlighted from all corners of the world.

Thanks to our hard work, to buy a property in Spain all you must have is the intention, in the rest we can advise and accompany you throughout the process.

Only with the help of Expert Spain Property specialists is it guaranteed to make your dream a reality. Full support from our staff will help you achieve the best results.


What is the main benefit of our company?

We offer the opportunity to buy any property. We have an advanced search tool, which combines a wide selection of real estate from direct owners and agencies.

If you are interested in real estate in the secondary market, we deal with the owner; If you want to buy new property, then we deal directly with the developer. Being able to access exactly what you are looking for means, among other obvious benefits, that with the help of our company you will be able to save a significant amount of money and time.

And it is not for less, since the advantages of working with our experts are numerous:

 – Individual selection of real estate options;

 – The transparency of our methods;

 – Complete knowledge of the Spanish Law;

 – Interpreter Assistance;

 – Detailed advice on the best options;

 – Quality pre-filter to offer only the best places and objects;

 – Direct support during negotiations with the seller, and assistance in negotiating the best price;

 – A team of professionals who clearly knows all the nuances of the Spanish real estate market;

– Explanation of all the details of the agreement;

 – Full support in all stages prior to the registration of your purchase;

 – Assistance in obtaining mortgages;

– Transparent and fair fees, without excessive or hidden payments.

– Alquiler de su propiedad para que su inversión se pague sola.

How do we choose the best product? There are a large number of real estate objects on the market, but we have to choose the one that meets all the parameters you need. We offer our clients the individual selection of real estate options. We are interested in long-term cooperation and work to see our customers happy and thus earn their loyalty.

Regarding the location, we offer every detail with regard to:

– Distance to the coast;

 – Infraestructure of the location;

 – Availability of transportation;

 – Historical architecture;

 – Landscapes and places;

 – Detailed information about the selected object;

 – Environment and ecology;

 – Prices.

According to these parameters, you can fully estimate the advantage of thhe option offered.

Your demands and priorities on real estate are the guide of a good service. While giving the necessary advice, we take into account all the wishes of our clients. There are all kinds of needs and objectives, some people need a large family home with a garden, whereas others are looking for a small and cozy house in a quiet neighborhood, while many dream of a village by the sea where they can have a good time . The wishes of our clients vary greatly, so we strive to understand their needs, be agile and provide them with the best offers available for their interests.

Nuestro Rendimiento

Clientes Satisfechos

We offer a wide range of real estate in which you may be interested:

 1) Residential real estate:

– Apartment;

– Attic;

– Village house;


– House;

– Village;

– Lordship. 

  2) Commercial real estate

We understand that the objectives in the real estate market are unique for each person, so our work is focused on finding the best option, the one that fits according to any client request. There are a lot of design and functionality variations, so we can help you choose the most suitable ones. Usually, we ask our customers for all the details about the desired number of bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, swimming pools, land plotting area, parking requirements, balconies and views, all those large or small aspects that they prefer when it comes to finding the house of your dreams, village or apartment.

The many years of experience gave Spain Casa confidence when it comes to saving you time and considering only those offers that meet your needs. Our company creates for you a selection of the most interesting objects.

Why is it better to contact professionals?

Our company is goal oriented. Therefore, we offer certain guarantees according to your search parameters. We offer total privacy and security. We advise on all financial aspects. This means that our staff will accompany you at every step, or if you prefer, of course, you can manage yourself at the stage you prefer. We will help you find the seller, so that all transaction risks are checked and eliminated. Our lawyers verify that the title is clean, both with respect to the object and the seller; that is to say, we verify the possible arrests, charges or restrictions of alienation in relation to real estate, as well as any claim to the object. We will check everything, so that you feel safe about your purchase.

In addition, we put at your disposal real photos, design and floor drawings of each object in the plan; We give all the details and recommendations. Each + client receives personalized advice and support in all Spanish institutions that must be visited during the purchase process. We are interested in the correct and satisfactory conclusion of real estate purchase transactions in Spain, the only way to earn customer loyalty. Contact us and we will help you find real estate in Spain in the fastest way possible!