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Build your dreams with SPAIN-CASA

Tuesday August 6th, 2019 by admin


We want you to achieve your dreams! That is why we offer you the tools you need to take the first step in financing your apartment in Spain.

Do you want to buy a house or an appartment and you need financing?

We work with Nordic banks that offer mortgage loans anywhere in Spain to all Scandinavian clients who are thinking of buying a house.


We offer the service and advice on the rental of your apartment for university students and individuals.

Your investment can be paid alone if you decide to rent your property. We can manage the rental of your property for as long as you wish. The property can be rented 11 months a year and so you can enjoy your property one month a year in summer and enjoy a good holiday in your apartment in Spain.


·         We manage the agreement that the Administrator or Owner can make with the Landlord.

·         Preparation of the lease contract model.

·         Verification of the terms and sections reflected in the Lease Agreement

·         Advice on the rental of a property for the student

·         Mediate between Landlord and Property Administrator

·         Channel the claim or doubts that the Ladlord may have.

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