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Tuesday August 6th, 2019 by admin


Once you are well determined to acquire a property, what are the recommended steps to follow?

We recommend you to hire the services of a lawyer, or we put at your disposal one, so that you are involved in all the stages of the purchase process, so that everything is simple and reliable.

The choice of the right place is key, so first of all, you will have to decide (with our advice if you need it) in which area of ​​Barcelona you would like to live. In this first stage with the real estate agent, it is simply looking through your portfolio in the office, based on a brief explanation about what the client is looking for. It is preferable that this explanation be as specific as possible, so that our agent only communicates calls to visitors to properties that meet their exact specifications.

As soon as the agent finds a property that fits your needs, he will contact you to make an appointment. Before visiting a property, the real estate agent will provide you with a form for each property to visit, so that you can keep a record.

Once you have found a specific property in which you are interested in buying, the next step is to contact your real estate lawyer, so that they can verify that indeed all the documentation is in order and available. There are a good number of controls that must be carried out. These include property loans, potential buildings or developments in the area. Also the official documentation that goes with a property, for example:

– Certificate of habitability (certificate of habitability).

– Sales document, with the owners who buy in the contract contract.

-Simple copy, a simple version of the contract, used for general administration.

-Public deed documentary.

-Current mortgage documenatry.

– Certificate of Housing Registry of Barcelona

Of course, everything is completely transparent in all aspects of the purchase and, throughout it, our goal is to provide a first class service.

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Once all controls have been carried out, and you are definitely sure you want to buy, it is necessary that you make a deposit of the property. That is, reserve the property. At this stage the lawyer will prepare the related paperwork, and will explain in detail all the terms and conditions involved in the firm.

Please note that when you sign this documentation, you will also have to give a quote for the price you are willing to pay for the property. If the owner accepts the offer, the next stage is the first down payment specified in this document. The lawyer and/or the real estate agent will be present, and will translate each clause of the agreement, helping you to be clear at all times what is being signed. Count on us at any time, in fact, we strive to make it a very pleasant experience, and it is essential that you feel fully informed at all stages of the process.

Once the deposit is paid, the owner has a legal commitment to move forward, otherwise he would have to pay twice his deposit to get out of the contract.