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Tuesday August 6th, 2019 by admin


People visit Barcelona for different reasons that vary from memorable vacations, to launching a business, and this is almost impossible to do without the services of interpreters or translators. To conduct business negotiations, open a bank account, rent or buy a property, make a trip to the clinic or the notary, to create a legal entity and for many other reasons, you may need translation services or professional interpretation in Spanish .

Make sure all the details are under control. It is important to find a professional interpreter or translator, since interpretation requires certain specific knowledge when using special terminology related to an activity such as that of a commercial transaction.

Spain Casa offers quality services in translation and interpretation. Our main translation pairs are:

– Spanish – Swedish;

– Swedish – Spanish;

– English – Spanish;

– Spanish – English;

Our translators are qualified to translate texts of any subject and complexity, as well as for any interpretation service. In addition, the translators of our staff have unique knowledge of Spanish culture, as well as regional dialects, since the Spanish language is very diverse. The competence of our specialists will help you avoid misunderstandings or incorrect interpretations of the language, a priority in business, medicine and many other important aspects.  A good interpreter is able to calm the situation, help put the parties involved in contact with each other, and perhaps play the role of mediator in making a deal. An experienced interpreter will be able to explain the complexity of the legislation, so that you can make the right decision without getting lost in the business legislation of Spain.

Nuestro Rendimiento

Clientes Satisfechos


Our qualified specialists translate the documents. We translate passports, certificates, power of attorney, various certificates and references. We also work with medical, legal and technical documentation translations. We translate all documents on different topics:

 – Regular translation;

 – Business correspondence;

 – Literary translation;

 – Certified translations;

 – International translation (Apostille);

 – Simultaneous translation with the security of a sworn translator;

 – Transfer with the tranquility of a subject closely related to issues of law or medicine.

Depending on the amount of text required, the price and deadlines may be different. Our translators take care of documents of any complexity and size, and we will do our best to get the translation ready as soon as possible.


Interpretation is a very popular service and used by our clients. This comes mainly from the support that the interpreter offers during visits to organizations. We offer interpreter service from 2 hours to the time you need. It can be a visit to the notary’s office, interpretation by phone, at the clinic, lawyer, bank, business meetings, or much more.

En una reunión, nuestros especialistas proporcionan la interpretación simultánea, por lo tanto usted siempre podrá controlar totalmente la situación y entender la esencia de la cuestión. Los servicios de interpretación están sistematizados para comprender plenamente también los aspectos secundarios, como algún conocimiento superficial, pero que sabemos que es necesario para un acuerdo exitoso y satisfactorio. Nuestros especialistas tienen gran dominio en el idioma y poseen gran experiencia en las negociaciones que trabajan con los extranjeros y nativos.

Due to the attractiveness of Spain for business and recreation, many tourists and businessmen from all over the world visit the country. Few of them can speak Spanish correctly. Although there are not many qualified professionals in this field, our staff works according to international standards, and despite the high demand for this service, we always have enough interpreters of our staff ready to provide this service. Get in touch with us, and we will be happy to help you!