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Tuesday August 6th, 2019 by admin


Implementation and receipt of an NIE in Spain, from € 300. Reception time: from 5 to 7 days.

The realization of a whole series of legal actions in the territory of Spain needs the N.I.E. (Foreign identification number). The NIE is the tax identification number used for non-resident taxpayers, and is assigned by the tax authorities of the Spanish State. The N.I.E. It is obtained for both natural and legal persons not resident in Spain. This tax identification number is necessary to do business, as well as many other financial or social aspects

To avoid you a headache, our lawyers will handle all issues related to obtaining the NIE. Everything will be executed as quickly as possible, and you will save a good amount of effort and time in the preparation and delivery of the necessary documents.

The Foreigner Identification Number consists of 9 characters: a Latin letter at the beginning and the end, and 7 digits in the middle. If a residence permit is obtained in Spain, the N.I.E. is automatically assigned. The same happens when the opening of a student visa takes place. For other cases, obtaining the N.I.E. happens on its own initiative, and is necessary to carry out legal actions, such as: opening a bank account; registration of the legal entity, acquisition of real estate; rental of the property; purchase of a car; etc.

You can obtain this certificate with the assistance of our lawyers, both with the service in the form of “turnkey” and without personal presence. In the latter case, it will be done by giving power of attorney to our lawyer.

Documents needed:

 – Passport: a document that confirms your identity and citizenship;

 – A document confirming the need to obtain a NIE;

 – A statement executed and submitted in accordance with the approved standards.

Keep in mind that the procedure for obtaining an identification number is different for residents and non-residents of EU countries. In any case, our lawyers will advise you on all these issues. In fact, we can help you obtain the N.I.E. in various ways:

– We organize, prepare and present all the necessary documentation;

 – Fill out the application correctly;

 – Go with the application procedure (if there is no power of attorney signed by you);

 – You will be accompanied during the procurement procedure and will be helped to obtain an authorized NIE.

Response time: For residents of the European Union (non-residents in Spain), the registration of the identification number occurs within 2 or 3 business days after the submission of the documents to the immigration authorities. For other non-residents it takes between 5 and 10 business days after the submission of documentation. 

NIE Certificate Terms: The same NIE number is assigned only once, but the certificate has an expiration date. It is 90 days from the date of issue. The NIE is permanently assigned, but the certificate must be updated periodically, as necessary. To update the certificate it is necessary to apply the same set of documents and confirm the need for the issuance of a new certificate once again.

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